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7 Killer Tips to Get Rid of Spots and Blackheads

120Spots and blemishes is becoming part of our lives. A lot of strategies and solution has been tested and recommended for spots and blackheads without result. These 7 killer tips should help you get rid of spots, blackheads and blemishes in little or no time.

In some spots the opening of the gland is so tiny that air cannot reach the sebum, so these spots don’t become blackheads but stay as ‘whiteheads’. These are more common and are likely to become red and inflamed, due to bacteria commonly found harmlessly on the skin surface which thrive on the sebum and multiply in the sebaceous gland, triggering an inflammatory reaction.

Here are the 7 Killer tips:

1. Never pop your blackheads: It is always a good idea to keep your hands away from your spots. You can only squeeze after some few days of appearing – meaning it’s ready to pop out. Blackhead extractor works really fine, get one from a local drug store. Pressure around the blackhead may spread it all over your face.

2. Avoid facial oily contact: when your hair is oily and there is regular contact with your skin, this can trigger infection.

3. The easiest way to have a clear skin is to remove the surface, in scales from time to time. Then get a reliable product which will facilitate the peeling of the blackheads. There are some medication containing any of these chemicals; resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide working very well.

4. Another way of clearing blocked pores is to expose your skin to the sun or ultra violet light, the use of sun-beds in moderation can be helpful.

5. Steam your face to soften your skin. This will also unblock the substances blocking the pores. Gently rob the spots with tissue to check the blackhead. If it is succulent, then leave it for some days. Too much pressure will break the skin, making your face look red and uninviting for days ahead. After the whole process, gently apply a medicated cream to the empty pore.

6. Avoid touching your pimples as this can cause the spread of bacteria leading to more pimples and clearing acne blemishes are uneasy or difficult to be removed.

7. Apply Antiseptic Cream: whiteheads are plugs of sebum under the skin which are cysts in sebaceous or sweat glands. You can treat this yourself by pricking with a sterile needle (dip in boiling water) and squeezing out.

Remember, the timely advice of your doctor as regards any of these medications is very important. They can show you tested and reliable medication to clear acne blemishes. Always talk with your health care provider before taking any type of medication for your pimples. Some medications will work while some may not give you result.

The Relationship That Only Few People Really Know

118If you are constantly plagued by acne and the other types such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, etc, you are certainly not alone. This skin condition is one of the most common in the world and affects just about every person – from teenagers to middle aged people and even older people. Many people who suffer from acne and its attendant other skin conditions still can’t seem to see the relationship it has with stress. If you still don’t see any relationship, this article will prove very helpful as it looks closely whether stress actually causes or worsens acne… or not at all.

Experts have talked about this for ages and from their conclusions it’s clear that stress does not necessarily cause acne, pimples, blackheads or other such skin conditions, but it does have a kind of influence, even though minimal or minor.

Yes, you read that right – stress can’t cause acne on its own. What stress does is to influence those acne flare ups. This is mostly because stress goes on to increase the cortisol which subsequently causes the victims sebaceous glands to work in producing more sebum oil; and these sebum oil can be severely blocked in the pores.

So, there you go – now you know the real relationship between stress and acne. It’s now clear that even though stress does not necessarily cause acne, it can make it worse, somewhat. And who knows – the more stress you allow into your life, the worse your case of acne will be.

In that case, it’s very important that you get as much stress out of your life as possible, not only because you want to reduce acne, pimples and blackheads but also because you want to prolong your life. Apart from these skin conditions, stress can lead to lots of other more disastrous health complications, even death!

So, if you are truly serious about getting your life in order you should try as much as possible to drastically reduce or completely eliminate stress from your life. And it does help to make it a habit of constantly engaging in some form of exercise at least three or more times each week. And yes, just a brisk walk around your neighborhood each day can help you reduce your stress level. I know a friend who “walks” to work each day instead of using his car. He says this helps him reduce stress significantly. No wonder I can’t find any acne on his face, neck or back!

Using Emu Oil for the Treatment of Blackheads, Whiteheads and Acne

117The Problem

Blackheads are pores (or holes) in the skin that becomes clogged with a mixture of dead skin cells and the skin’s own natural oil. If the pores are open to the air and are clogged, they are called blackheads. This is due to their contact with the air that causes them to oxidize, which turns them black. However, if the clogs are covered with skin, oxidation does not occur and we call these whiteheads. All humans to some extent experience clogged pores from time to time resulting in both blackheads and whiteheads. If the clogged pores become infected and inflamed they also fill with pus. When the pores become infected they are known as acne.

The Benefit of Emu Oil in Treating Clogged Pores and Acne

Emu Oil helps in the treatment of clogged pores and acne for the following reasons:

• Its chemical make-up is very similar to our own skin’s natural oil. The oil deeply penetrates human skin when applied. This moisturizes the skin, shrinks the appearance of large pores, and loosens the blackheads making them easier to dislodge.

• It is non-comedogenic which means it does not clog the pores of our skin. This is one of the oil’s remarkable features.

• It is bacteriostatic which means it does not support the growth or reproduction of bacteria so, when applied, it does not agitate any current acne condition.

• It is highly concentrated with natural anti-inflammatory compounds to make it effective in soothing the feel and look of acne infection.


Pure emu oil can be applied directly onto the skin, at least twice daily, to any area where there are clogged pores or onto any other skin infections or inflammation. It is suggested that for best results treatment be carried out between two and four weeks and then at least once a day as required. Emu oil is 100% safe to use.

Removing Blackheads

Many blackheads will dislodge by themselves, but this can be assisted with a gentle skin scrub. Whiteheads can be exposed to the air with a gentle skin exfoliator. Specialized products may also help with the removal of blackheads. Such products are available from your drug store.

Other Skin Conditions Alleviated

Apart from helping to treat blackheads, whiteheads and acne, emu oil is also useful in helping to treat the following skin conditions:

• Bruising

• Cuts

• Dermatitis

• Eczema

• Psoriasis

• Razor Burn

• Scrapes

• Sunburn

For these reasons, emu oil has been used by Australian Aborigines for thousands of years as an “Elixir of Life” and is now well known around the world as a First Aid Kit in a bottle.


I’m Rich Astle, founder of Emu Peak and have been selling emu oil in Australia for many years.

Now available in the US our Ultra Clear Emu Oil is the purest and most refined emu oil available on the market. It is an awesome natural moisturizer and treats many skin conditions and arthritis.

Complete Solution on How to Remove Blackheads Internally and Externally

116How to Remove Blackheads Internally and Externally – Latest Update

Blackheads and acne can be an unsightly problem for many people, especially the peer-pressured teen. They can appear on your forehead, nose, chin, back, chest and any part of the body. It can sometimes be difficult to prevent the development of this annoying problem, but you can learn how to remove blackheads and acne.

Root Cause of Blackheads

The first step in knowing how to remove blackheads and acne is in knowing what causes the problem to begin with. They pop up on all parts of the body because of a blockage in skin and hair follicles, although the secretion of hormones also plays a role in the condition. Stress, allergies, accumulation of toxins in the body and metabolism can contribute to the formation of blackheads. Improper removal and acne treatment can lead to infection, scarring and further acne breakout.

What is a Blackhead?

A blackhead itself is a wide opening on the skin that has a blackened mass of debris that covers the opening. The debris can be from bacteria and sebum oil. Too much of such oils in the pores can be excessive, build up and get stuck. As the air hits these blocked oils, they become black. However, blackheads are not always black in color but can sometimes appear yellowish. They are generally the first stage in an acne problem and can develop into a pimple or pustule.

Why Squeezing a Blackhead is Bad?

It is not uncommon for most people to want to squeeze out a pimple, acne or blackhead, but there are many problems with this procedure. Squeezing can cause more harm than good. Doing so can push the debris or pus further into the follicle rather than extract it, and cause infection, formation of a cyst, inflammation and a worsening condition. Once a cyst is formed, it can only be treated by a doctor. If you feel that you must squeeze your blackhead, be sure to rinse the area before doing so and cleansing it afterwards. Just be cautious in applying oily lotions and creams to the squeezed blackhead.

How to Treat Blackheads Internally?

The best way to treat acne and blackheads is keeping the skin hygienic and clean. Getting enough sleep, stress management, diet and natural supplements can help with treating the problem from the inside.

1. Water

Eliminate blackheads internally begins with drinking ample supplies of water each day, at least 2 liters for good health and skin hydration. Water is not only a universal solvent for the skin, flushing out toxins from the body, promoting good digestion and other organs, it helps with fat digestion and other soluble components in the body.

2. Diet

Pay close attention to diet, eating plenty of green vegetables, high fiber cereals, proteins and grams as a major source of your daily food intake, along with fresh fruits and fruit juices. Some of the best options of foods are oranges, carrots, watermelon, salmon and apricots. Zinc supplements are important to fight off infection and inflammation, and can be attained through such foods as beef, nuts, meats, whole grains and legumes.

3. Supplements

Aside from a highly nutritional diet, another internal solution on how to remove blackheads is through some natural and dietary supplements. They are meant to counteract the toxins in your body that caused the acne and blackhead outbreaks. This is an optimum way to not only prevent and treat acne and blackheads but promote and improve good overall health. Herbal vitamins and minerals are the best remedies for removing blackheads. Echinacea and Oregon grape are both helpful herbs in boosting the immune system and eliminate harmful toxins.

Scientific studies have discovered that concentrated forms of Vitamin A can eliminate even the most severe forms of acne and blackheads. Vitamin A is very effective in treating this problem, especially in prescription form but this is not necessary. You do, however need the appropriate amount for your particular body weight. Be cautious in using the supplement in high doses except directed by your doctor to avoid toxicity. Other supplements are also effective in treating blackheads internally such as zinc, Vitamin B, magnesium, sulphur, electrolytes and chromium.

How to Treat Blackheads Externally?

1. Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid

In cleansing and fighting acne and blackheads effectively, further scientific studies have shown the benefits of using salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Bathe the skin with the solutions placed in hot mineral water. These solutions work to prevent bacteria growth significant in the cause of the problem. The only concern is that the peroxide can cause a dry skin condition if used in high doses. The salicylic acid seems to have less side effects. It removes dead skin cells to prevent the accumulation of these cells and oils from building up and clogging the pores. This cleansing process works best when used together with moisturizers and exfoliation treatments.

2. Important Daily Routine

It is important to cleanse your face twice each day, usually morning and evening before going to bed. Use a gentle soap for the face that also helps in gently removing the day’s makeup. More frequent cleansing can strip the skin of necessary oils that also leads to dry skin. A great process in acne treatment is to use steam for a few minutes at a time to open the pores before cleansing. For the facial area, you can pour hot water in a bowl and lean into it with a towel over your head and the bowl, while your skin benefits from the steam. Then cleanse your face as usual. This is a great process just before retiring for the night. After cleansing, rinse the skin with cold water to close up the pores and follow-up with a moisturizer with Aloe. Aloe Vera gel is a great solution that is soothing and non-irritating to the skin. It also works as an antibacterial to inhibit blackhead growth.

3. Moisturizer

Another choice moisturizer is one that is non-comedogenic. These types of moisturizers are oil-free and do not clog pores like many other products, and works to soothe and calm acne-prone skin. You can use such products liberally. Some excellent products are Cetaphil and others by St. Ives, L’Oreal, Aveeno, Neutrogena and more as advised by your physician. To find an appropriate moisturizer approved for your skin, read the label and be sure it states it is non-comedogenic or oil-free.

4. Peels, Masks and Clarisonic Mia

Another method in how to remove blackheads is to use special facial peels and masks that will clean out the pores and reduce their appearance. Their pores tighten up, helping to further block the spread of blackheads and acne. Choose a mask that is chemical-free to help remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Another great cleansing process is the use of the Clarisonic Mia sonic skin cleansing system. It works similar to that of the sonic toothbrush to cleanse the skin deeply and more effectively than the traditional cleansing of the skin. The Clarisonic Mia system enables the use of a gentle brush head that goes back and forth over the skin for gentle stimulation and cleansing. The skin looks and feels healthier. The process also helps other products to become more easily absorbed into the skin.

With proper internal care and upkeep of cleansing your skin on a regular basis, as described, you can stay on top of any blackhead and acne problem. Feeding the body with proper nutrients and supplements, taking in ample water daily and following a cleansing process of the skin is the best remedy for eradicating blackheads, along with preventing them from reoccurring. Use the recommended topical products and moisturizers formulated to keep the pores open and healthy to treat and avoid problems with blackheads and acne.

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